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B.A.P Live On Earth 台灣 記者會

B.A.P Live On Earth 台灣 記者會

台灣,8 June 2013, 韓國新人王B.A.P於本月8日二度來台,為隔天演唱會「B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH」(台灣站)進行記者會。隊長方容國被問及是否會在演唱會上展現6塊腹肌時,他靦腆的表示,這要看到時粉絲們high不high,可能high起來連其他成員也會一起脫。聽見隊長的回答,其他成員頓時笑成一團。


B.A.P出道至今不超過一年半就在韓國拿下14座新人獎,第二張迷你專輯One Shot臺壓版自3月發行已賣出超過6000張,銷量打破金唱片,實力和人氣的增長是有目共睹的。目前台灣演唱會票房已售出9成。





Q2:可以分享一下第二張迷你專輯One Shot想表達的是什麽呢?











大賢: 「應該是老幺,Zelo,他還是青少年,所以對於撒嬌也比較在行。」對此,Zelo用中文簡短靦腆的回應:「謝謝。」






B.A.P paid their second visit to Taiwan. This time, they came back to rock their concert with Baby in Taiwan.

Below is the Q&A section during the press conference.

Q1: How do you feel as this is B.A.P second visit to Taiwan?

The members revealed that they feel happy. As their schedule was quite packed when they first landed on Taiwan, they didn’t really visit Taiwan that much as expected. Therefore, they hope they have more time to paly around Taiwan this time.
Jong Up: We did try Mango Ice when we paid our first visit here but it was already melted. I hope we can try the juicy Mango Ice this time.

Q2: Would you like to talk about B.A.P’s second mini album “One Shot”?

Bang: We hope youngsters can grab every opportunity in their life and able to achieve dreams in the future.


Q3: B.A.P is having concert tour around the world (America, Japan)/ How does B.A.P feel about this concert tour?

Dae Hyun: We never had concert world live tour experience before. Therefore, we are really excited that we could meet Baby in other countries. In addition, we did gained a lot during the concert world tour.

Q4: Can B.A.P greet in Chinese?

Young Jae represented B.A.P to greet the medias. When being asked did he memorize it, he used simple Chinese to answer “Yes”.

Q5: How do you feel when you saw a big crowd of Baby waiting for B.A.P’s arrival in the airport?

DaeHyun: When we first came to Taiwan, there weren’t many fans showed up. This time we saw a lot of baby, we were quite shocked with their passion towards us.

Q6: B.A.P reveals a strong and powerful image in front of the screen, but who is the cutest among the members?

Daehyun: As Zelo is still a teenager, this title should goes to him.
Zelo: Thank you (in chinese)


Q7: Does B.A.P have any plans after the world tour concert?

Bang: Music is the way of connection between Baby and us. Although we are having concert world tour, we also work on our music production in the mean time. Hope we have great news to our supporters soon.

Q8: B.A.P won 14 newbie awards, Leader Bang yong Guk showed off his abs during the concert. So will you show it to Taiwan baby too?

Hmchan: It won’t be that exciting if we showed everything to our fans at our very first concert in Taiwan. We promised we would work out more and show our result to baby after some period.

Bang Yong Guk: Well, if the fans are high enough during the concert, Him Chan might show off his abs.


Chinese Article: 嘉玶
English Article : Yevon
Phtography : Yevon


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