[SPOILER] Winner of Show Me The Money 6 + Finale Highlights

This season saw the return of many past contestants as well as powerful rookies such as WoodieGo Child, Woo Wonjae, Ness, BlackNine and Jo Woochan all of whom are part of the top 16. The season finale was broadcast live on the 1st of September at 11pm KST. One of the top 3 will be […]


[Paparazzi Corner] K-pop fans unboxed their albums and found…

Though we all like different groups and belong to different fandoms, there’s one feeling that we can all relate to: Unboxing a newly bought K-pop album. First comes the excitement that was built ever since you clicked the “Confirm Purchase” button. Then comes the long painful wait until the album arrives. And when it does, […]