KBS ‘The Unit’ :A last ditch effort at fame

      NU’EST was a regular K-pop boy group gaining mediocre amounts of attention, until some of their members appeared on Produce 101 and competed with other trainees across various companies. After their appearance, their popularity skyrocketed and they were back on the charts again.   It might not have struck your heartstrings but […]


[Wanderlust Wednesday] Army stew for 1? –– Restaurants in Seoul for solo diners

Seoul is a city made for couples and groups of friends. You can’t help but notice how most businesses especially restaurants are catered for a communal culture. This is also ingrained in their dining culture as majority of restaurants offer “sharing” dishes and take orders based on the number of portions, usually measured by how […]

[Paparazzi Corner] K-pop fans unboxed their albums and found…

Though we all like different groups and belong to different fandoms, there’s one feeling that we can all relate to: Unboxing a newly bought K-pop album. First comes the excitement that was built ever since you clicked the “Confirm Purchase” button. Then comes the long painful wait until the album arrives. And when it does, […]