[THROWBACK] Stargram Launch Live K-pop Concert was 100% real

A free concert seems impossible? Well, you best believe it’s true! A few weeks ago, many skeptical Singaporeans, us included, attended a K-pop concert organized by Stargram to celebrate its launch in Singapore. Stargram is a Korean IT company specializing in Blockchain and O2O, a new generation technology. The company set foot in Singapore and […]


[Paparazzi Corner] 4 good-looking Korean golf players that will make you want to pick up the sport

Think about good-looking Korean idols and the long list of names that follow. Now think about good-looking Korean sportsmen. Got a few names? Let us introduce you more! Here’s a list of 5 ‘visual’ Korean sportsmen who play golf professionally, and hopefully it’ll inspire you to try out this sport too!   Kim Si Woo […]

[OP-ED] Army Daze: A Look at Military Services for Your Oppa

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. This statement must resonate dearly to fans of male Korean artists who have to go through mandatory military service for two years. Personally, I’ve had many friends who have complained about this compulsory national service. “Two years is too damn long.” “I don’t understand why they must […]