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KAvenyou: Your Avenue to Non-stop Entertainment, Lifestyle and Fashion | January 27, 2015

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Popu Lady is finally back for More in Singapore!

January 25, 2015 |

18 January 2015 – Five member Taiwanese girl group, Popu Lady consisting of members Hong Shi (洪詩),Da Yuan (大元),Bao Er (寶兒),Ting Xuan (庭萱) and Yu Shan (宇珊) are back in Singapore to promote their latest album, … Read More

Kris 吴亦凡 is in sunny Singapore!

January 25, 2015 |

Kris (吴亦凡) has arrived in Singapore for a “secret” mission, although it seems like news has already spread that he is coming. Photos has been circulated widely of him leaving Beijing to Singapore, and fans turned up in numbers … Read More

[Trash Talk] Korean Pop (K-Pop) is on a decline?

January 24, 2015 |

Decided to come up with this new segment for me to talk trash, and yes please take this literally since these are just my opinions and thoughts.

This topic has been heard or … Read More

Restaurants, Cafes & Stores owned by Korean Celebrities or Families 5

January 24, 2015 |

We’re back with the series of Idol family owned places. This time, we added some stores that sell actual goods and a big guesthouse which was recently opened in the end of 2014. Guess whose … Read More

Untying the “ribbons” of the APink 2015 calendar

January 18, 2015 | 1

My 2nd unboxing in 2 days, and the reason was clear why I am the one writing for my more favoured groups. Do not bash me for having my own preferences please (I’m sure all of you … Read More

Girls’ Generation 2015 Season’s Greetings – Calendar, Scheduler, DVD and Mini Calendar

January 17, 2015 | 2

It is the time of the year where we fans get our hands ready to unbox those season’s greetings boxes, and savour those beautiful pictorials that will accompany us through the months of the year to come. … Read More

How to immerse yourself in hit Korean drama “Pinnochio” as Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk

January 14, 2015 |

The drama “Pinocchio” has been on the screens since November 2014, and is gaining massive popularity in both Korea and overseas. While much has been discussed about the plot and the cast, many are also … Read More

Celebrating New Year Countdown in the Korean way

December 27, 2014 |

The last day of a year and the first day of the next are always some of the most exciting days of the year. Many people ruminate over what they have done well or what … Read More

Insider guide for K-pop fans: Where to get K-POP goods in Seoul

December 21, 2014 |

As a K-pop fan traveling around Korea, it’s important to know where you can buy K-pop goods and items of your favorite idol/bias.

Here is the ultimate list of places in Seoul where you can … Read More

[Sponsored Article] Successful crowd-funded brand Gnome & Bow collaborates with Tiger #UNCAGE

December 13, 2014 |

Quanda Ong, Founder of Tiger Beer’s newest Uncage personality was unsatisfied with his nine-to-five job in a private banking sector. With the help of family and friends as well as a successful crowd-funding appeal in … Read More

Korea’s Winter Wonderland: Outdoor Ice Rinks & Christmas Lightings

December 13, 2014 |

Before we complete our list of celebrity owned stores, we would like to introduce you to how Koreans celebrate their winter in the city.

Seoul’s December started with white snow. It’s freezing cold … Read More

Restaurants, Cafes & Stores owned by Korean Celebrities or Families 4

December 1, 2014 |

It’s already our 4th series and the list continues!

  1. Meok & Sam

A Korean barbecue restaurant owned by K-pop star Infinite Woo Hyun’s parents located in the Suyu … Read More