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Asian Pop unites at the 2012 Sundown Festival at Gardens by the Bay

Sundown-Festival-2012- 001

Sundown-Festival-2012- 001

1 December 2012, Singapore – December is off to a great start with numerous concerts namely 2NE1’s New Evolution World Tour, PSYched at Marina Bay Sands and… Sundown Festival 2012! This year, Red Spade entertainment brought in representatives not only from Korea, Japan and Taiwan, fans were also able to catch their favourite artists from China and Hong Kong as well. F1 Pit Area of Marina Promenade quickly swarmed with fans waiting in anticipation for their favourite acts – from 7-member group BtoB from Korea, Alice Nine from Japan, Anthony Neely from Taiwan, Jeno Liu Li Yang from China to Hong Kong’s Raymond Lam. It is no wonder moods were not dampened by the heavy rain!

Thankfully, the sky cleared just before the concert started. Yay! The concert finally opened with song and dance performances by the talented crew from CJ School of Performing Arts. Familiar Kpop songs like Sistar’s ‘Alone’, Hyuna’s Ice Cream, B.A.P’s crash warmed up the crowd, and the atmosphere slowly heated up when EXO’s MAMA and Younique Unit’s ‘Maxstep’ came on. CJ Crew was amazing!

Also from Singapore was local band V’s, hyping up the crowd with several Cantonese, Chinese, and also an English song from Three Doors Down, ‘Here Without You’. Fans were also treated to a “face changing show’ and a Lion Dance troupe with a twist (shuffling lions!). Everyone including us from KAvenyou began cheering for our favourite groups and finally, emcees Lin Peifen and Lee Teng made their appearance on stage with cheer erupting from the fans – the concert has officially commenced!

Without further ado, they immediately introduced the first act of the night…BtoB! From ‘Born to Beat’ to ‘Irresistible Lips’, BtoB gave us a powerful performance.

Sundown-Festival-2012- 003

After which, the boys greeted the audience in English with the exception of Hyunsik who surprised everyone with a greeting in mandarin! Eun Kwang and Minhyuk both asked if Singapore missed them and a loud ‘yes’ could be heard throughout the entire F1 Pit Area.

More screams could be heard from Melodies as the boys introduced the next song, ‘My Girl’ which would be dedicated to them. Moving back onto the main stage, the boys then serenaded the fans with their amazing live vocals, not forgetting to pose for pictures all at the same time!

BtoB took some time to interact with the fans up close and a lucky fan who handed Peniel her polaroid received his selca in return. They also commented on how Korea is very cold this time of the year and how nice it was that Singapore is warm all year around (Minhyuk had to take off his jacket due to the sweltering heat~~~).

Being ever so friendly and charming, BtoB definitely charmed all fans and non-fans alike. ‘Lover Boy’ was up next and the boys performed tirelessly, pulling off another awesome performance.

Just before the last song, the boys took a short water break, before pulling off their latest single, ‘WoW’.

The popularity of the boys was undeniable, with Melodies singing (shouting?) along and also, fanchants not unlike those we hear during their performances in Korea. All too soon, BtoB’s stage came to an end for the night, with screaming fans and a flurry of greetings and love from the boys as they made their exit.

‘Wow’ would be an understatement for the boys’ performance and despite wanting more BtoB (us from KAvenyou too!), we had Anthony Neely up next! ‘Sorry That I Loved You’ was sung beautifully and local drama fans would recognize ‘The Last Embrace’ from ‘The Oath’ and mostly recently, “Wake Up’ from ‘Game Plan’ which just ended its run one month back. Ballads and upbeat numbers both showcased the versatility of his voice and Anthony Neely easily had the audiences entranced. With his eagerness to perform with his guitar he affectionately named ‘Audrey’, he almost jumped straight into his last song ‘Hallelujah’ with chuckles from the audience. Finally with his guitar, Anthony Neely finished his stage for Sundown with a beautiful rendition of ‘Hallelujah’.

Sundown-Festival-2012- 005

Right after Anthony Neely was another power singer, first time representative from China – Jeno, Liu Li Yang! She literally sparkled that night with her gold-sequined jacket with her all black ensemble, which she later shared with emcees Lin Peifen and Lee Teng that performing at Sundown finally presented her with the right occasion for the outfit. Her unique voice and powerful vocals were really impressive and she constantly interacted with her fans, even offering to treat them to a meal if they sang along!

Lin Peifen and Lee Teng then came on stage again to give out event posters and t-shirts to lucky audiences. Their chemistry was flawless and even though they entertained the crowd during the sound check for Alice Nine from Japan who were up next, fan girls could not contain their excitement as they waited eagerly for Alice Nine to take the stage. After what seemed like a long time, Alice Nine were finally on! The crowd, especially their fans went crazy. The fans’ enthusiasm mirrored Alice Nine’s performance, with furious head-banging and jamming. Their energy was infectious and in no time, Alice Nine had the audience with their fists in the air, adrenaline pumping.

Sundown-Festival-2012- 007

‘Heart of Gold’, ‘Rainbows’, ‘Fantasy’ (lead singer Shou mentioned that it is his favourite song!), ‘Blue Planet’, ‘Tsubasa’ and ‘Shunkashuutou’ can all be summarized in a single word – high. Their energy level was through the roof and guitarist Hiroto’s fingers flew across his guitar during his solos, Tora and Saga were no less amazing and Nao really got the crowd going with his crazy drum beats. Shou belted out all six songs faultlessly amidst crazed girl screams and several ‘bra attacks’ from fans that decided to go all out. In between songs, Shou greeted his fans in simple English (very cutely, I would say) like ‘Hello’, ‘We love you’. Their ah-mazing performance came to an end, once again all too soon with Nao throwing his drumsticks to the audience, and Hiroto with his half drunk bottle.

Sundown-Festival-2012- 012

The last artiste to perform for the night was Raymond Lam, all the way from Hong Kong at Sundown Festival 2012 for the first time! A lucky fan who had been chosen earlier got to be serenaded by the suave actor-singer. He held her hand, patted her head, danced around her and almost went in for a kiss near the end of the song, with cries from fans no less. Raymond Lam showed off his slick dance moves and a mature male fan even shouted ‘leng zai’ (handsome guy in Cantonese), to which he responded with a shy smile. Raymond Lam joked with the emcees during their small chit-chat session, mentioning how he fears gaining weight when in Singapore because of all the good food. Before he concluded his stage, Raymond Lam also announced to his fans regarding his upcoming concert end January next year!

With that, Sundown Festival 2012 came to a close, with all the artistes gathering on stage for one last time. Ilhoon from BtoB, who kept his rapper’s cool composure mostly during their stage reappeared, doing ‘Gangnam Style’! No worries for those who missed PSYched out, as we had Sungjae and the other BtoB joining in the now world famous dance. The boys interacted with the fans and Ilhoon sent kisses to all Melodies!

With that, Sundown Festival 2012 came to an end. This year’s lineup was great, and we were highly entertained by all performers! Who is ready for Sundown Festival 2013?

We will like to thank the organisers Red Spade Entertainment for having us at this annual Asian pop event.

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Article & Photography by: Joycelyn @ KAvenyou

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