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Are you ready for the 5th Korean Night Festival?

Are you ready for the 5th Korean Night Festival?


The Korean Night Festival, which is staffed and organized largely by volunteers from Daehan Korean Language Centre and the community, aims to celebrate, promote and raise the awareness of the vibrancy and diversity of the Korean culture. The 5th edition of this annual culture and arts festival is slated to attract about 600 visitors this year. Visitors to the event will be able to experience the richness of Korea’s cultural heritage and its modern allure through a range of exhibits including Korean traditional costumes and games. The festival culminates with a celebration of Korean pop music through a riveting display of songs and dances performed by talented groups within our community.

There will be a friendly Kpop competition held during our event, and the items are from the sing and/or dance category. This year we will be introducing a new performance of traditional Korean dance and our host, Kyung Hoon, will also be showcasing his own solo act with his beat boxing skills. We will also be having the Studio de S crew together with Jay Song to perform for us. Adding on there will be a special performance of lighted yoyo and poi show by one of our finalists from the mentioned competition. The performance will start from 7:30pm, and end at 10pm.

Booths wise, there will be a Hanbok booth for the audience to try on Hanboks and also for them to take photos in them for memories.

This year, we have decided to bring something unique to the table by revolving our event around the wildly popular variety show, Running Man! We aim to create a memorable time for our guests by intensifying their level of participation in the festival. Our take on “Running Man” will involve introducing a new twist to the iconic features of the show whilst maintaining its authenticity. Event attendees or the general public are able to participate in our games by forming their own teams of 7, with a requirement that they would have to purchase our event tickets. Our booths will operate from 6pm till 7:30pm for the teams to play, after which we will be opening the booths for the public to play till 10pm, but as at small fee.

Event Details

Name: 5th Korean Night Festival
Venue: *SCAPE WarehouseDate: 1st June 2013
Time: 6pm-10pm
Ticket prices: $19

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