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An memorable night for Kpop fans during SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Singapore

An memorable night for Kpop fans during SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Singapore

SMTOWN Live World Tour III has finally hit the shores of Singapore on 23 November! Despite the massive thunderstorm before concert, determined fans stood unshaken and lined up for this epic 4-hour concert. Some even started to queue from as early as a week ago!

The concert kicked started with f(x)’s title song, ‘Hot Summer’. Then Kangta took centre stage and sang his Chinese solo, ’爱频率’. While new addition to the family, EXO-K and EXO-M shared the stage to perform ‘History’ and ‘Mama’, fans also got to relive older songs of their favourite groups such as ‘No.1’, ‘Rising Sun’, ‘Kissing You’, ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘Love like Oxygen’.

Not to mention, there were also many special stages prepared. First of all, Victoria and Zhou Mi did a duet cover on 今天你要嫁给我, followed by a performance of Carlifornia Girls by the Jung Sisters, Jessica and Krystal. Then, Changkyu (Chang Min and KyuHyun) serenaded ‘Just The Way You Are’ to a lucky fan girl selected from the moshpit.

Later, TaeTiSeo also did a collaboration with EXO members, while Key, Amber and Kris teamed up to perform ‘Like A G6’. Jonghyun and Taemin’s special stage of ‘Internet War’ was definitely one of the highlights of the night! Featuring topless Jonghyun seducing the crowd with his toned abs and JongTae flirting openly on stage, fans were screaming and squealing on the top of their lungs!

What made this SMTOWN extra special was that TVXQ! performed their latest single, ‘Humanoids’ for the first time! And this was done before the single was even officially released worldwide! BoA too switched her dance partner for ‘Only One’ to Sehun instead of the regular, Taemin. YOUNIQUE also performed MAXSTEP together with the dance battle led by Yunho.

When BoA started performing her latest single, ‘Only One’, rain started to fall again. However, this did not stop f(x) and SHINee from continuing their performance on the extended stage. But it was during Super Junior’s ‘Sexy, Free and Single’ that the rain started pouring. But loyal fans remained in their seats and witnessed TVXQ! perform ‘Catch Me’ in their bare back shirts under the rain.

Thankfully, the rain tuned down when the entire SMTOWN artistes came out to bid their goodbyes with ‘Hope’. With this being the first concert held at The Float@ Marina Bay and fans all leaving soaked in rain, this was definitely a historical and epic concert that is hard to forget.

Special thanks to organizer Running Into The Sun (RITS) for bringing together such an amazing event and letting us be a part of it.


  1. Hot Summer – f(x)
  2. Pinocchio (Danger) – f(x)
  3. Pine Tree + Polaris – Kangta
  4. 爱频率 – Kangta
  5. 今天你要嫁给我 – Zhoumi & Victoria
  6. California Gurls – Jessica & Krystal
  7. Just The Way You Are – Changmin & Kyuhyun
  8. Oppa Oppa – Eunhyuk & Donghae
  9. History – EXO
  10. MAMA – EXO
  11. Devil’s Cry – Taeyeon
  12. Run Devil Run – Girls’ Generation
  13. Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) – Girls’ Generation
  14. Lucifer (remix) – SHINee
  15. Superman – Super Junior
  16. Don’t Don – Super Junior
  17. Purple Line – TVXQ!
  18. Ring Ding Dong – SHINee
  19. Bonamana – Super Junior
  20. Rising Sun – TVXQ!
  21. Juliette – SHINee
  22. Love Like Oxygen – SHINee
  23. Jet – f(x)
  24. Open Arms – Ryeowook, Onew, Chen & Baekhyun
  25. Twinkle – TaeTiSeo
  26. DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love – TaeTiSeo, D.O, Luhan, Sehun & Chanyeol
  27. Like a G6 – Key, Kris & Amber
  28. Dance Battle/MaxStep – Yunho, Eunhyuk, Taemin, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Yoona, Kai, Tao & Victoria
  29. Hurricane Venus – BoA
  30. My Name – BoA
  31. No. 1 – BoA
  32. Sorry Sorry – Super Junior
  33. Perfection 太完美 – Super Junior-M
  34. A-Cha – Super Junior
  35. Mr. Taxi – Girls’ Generation
  36. Internet War – Jonghyun & Taemin
  37. O-正.反.合. – TVXQ!
  38. Mirotic – TVXQ!
  39. Humanoids – TVXQ!
  40. Why (Keep Your Head Down) – TVXQ!
  41. Gee – Girls’ Generation
  42. Kissing You – Girls’ Generation
  43. Dancing Out – Super Junior
  44. Only One – BoA feat. Sehun
  45. Electric Shock – f(x)
  46. Sherlock – SHINee
  47. The Boys – Girls’ Generation
  48. Sexy, Free & Single – Super Junior
  49. Catch Me – TVXQ!
  50. Hope – SMTOWN

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SMTOWN LIVE World Tour III in Singapore Press Conference

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Article by: Zoey @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Official media photos from Running Into The Sun

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