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A welcomed homecoming by Tasha and Ferlyn from K-Pop girl group SKarf 스카프 at Bugis+ fansign

SKarf-Singapore-Fansign-Press-Conference- 079

SKarf-Singapore-Fansign-Press-Conference- 079

2 October 2012, Singapore – Alpha Entertainment girl group SKarf 스카프, which consists of 2 Singaporean members Tasha (타샤) and Ferlyn (페린), together with their Korean members SOL (솔) and Jenny (제니) made their way back to Singapore for a fan signing event. The girls were in Singapore on the invitation from the Korean Embassy in Singapore. The group made their debut showcase with the single “Oh! Dance” in Korea on 14 August 2012, and slowly grabbed the attention of many fans around the world.

The entire event included a signing ceremony between Alpha Entertainment and Giant Singapore to be the official sponsor for SKarf. It was also announced that the girls will be back in Singapore again early next year for various activities, including one for Giant’s new store opening at Suntec City. The girls were bubbly throughout, especially for Sol and Ferlyn with the former showing various aegyo throughout. Tasha was the official “spokesperson” of the group, while maknae Jenny was shy and quiet. SKarf 스카프 also showcased their “results” from the training in Korea by performing “Oh! Dance” and “My Love”, which sent the fans salivating for more.

SKarf-Singapore-Fansign-Press-Conference- 034

Tasha shared that it was a fun experience promoting together as a group in Korea, and having “concerts” in the car with the members. Ferlyn told the fans that she left a fan message on their group’s Daum cafe, and encouraged fans to leave messages there as all the members do actually read them.

Questioned on their next album’s concept and their favourite K-Pop stars, Ferlyn shared that their first single is like a tribute to popular first generation idols, but kept mum about the next one to come. Sol added that she likes Gangnam Style, and the girls did a rather shy version of the famous dance hit. Tasha said that she missed the Singapore food and Singlish, while Sol showed her public affection for durian by exclaiming “I love it!”. Since Skarf do not have an official fanclub name yet, Ferlyn asked for the fans to submit their suggestions via their fan cafe, as their company are unaware of their popularity in Singapore.

SKarf-Singapore-Fansign-Press-Conference- 080

The event was concluded with the fan signing event, where the girls left their autographs on 300 fans’ postcards/albums. It was their first interaction with the Singapore fans, and it would have left many fans looking forward to more. Throughout their short stay in Singapore, they also went on various media channels including a LIVE interview on There will be a new weekly K-pop segment on starting this Sunday 7 October 2012, and there will be some exclusive scoops from Skarf on the show, so do tune in at 1pm.

We will like to thank Alpha Entertainment, as well as all the sponsors especially Giant Singapore for bringing the girls to Singapore and having KAvenyou on scene to witness this moment.


SKarf-Singapore-Fansign-Press-Conference- 031

Tasha (타샤)

Name: Tasha (타샤)
Nationality: Singaporean
Birthdate: 11 Oct 1993
Height: 168 cm
Position: Leader, Rapper & Vocalist
Hobby: Sport & dance

SKarf-Singapore-Fansign-Press-Conference- 025

Ferlyn (페린)

Name: Ferlyn (페린)
Nationality: Singaporean
Birthdate: 1 February 1992
Height: 164 cm
Position: Lead Rapper & Lead Dancer, Charisma of the group
Hobby: Dance

SKarf-Singapore-Fansign-Press-Conference- 013

SOL (솔)

Name: SOL (솔)
Nationality: Korean
Birthdate: 12 May 1991
Height: 167 cm
Position: Main Vocalist
Hobby: “Jaksa”

SKarf-Singapore-Fansign-Press-Conference- 065

Jenny (제니)

Name: Jenny (제니)
Nationality: Korean
Birthdate: 16 February 1996
Height: 170 cm
Position: Maknae, Sub-Vocalist
Hobby: Plays the Piano

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Article & Photography by: James @ KAvenyou
Videography by: Spoon @ KAvenyou


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