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A memory of love with Kim Ki Bum!

A memory of love with Kim Ki Bum!


15 September 2013 – Actor and Singer, Kim Ki Bum held his ‘Memory of Love’ fan meeting at Star Vista Performing Arts Theatre on 13th September with attendance of his eager fans who have waited for him for a long time.

This being Kim Ki Bum’s first visit to Singapore, he wanted to put his all in showing his best to his fans.

The actor/singer started his fan meeting by surprising all his fans when he appeared at the back of the theatre singing to ‘Moon of Seoul’. He then went up to fans and shook their hands before going on stage to finish up the song.


Throughout the fanmeet, Ki Bum remained charming and sincere. Always insisting on having more fans on stage when the stipulated number was only five. At one point, he asked for the lights on stage to be dimmed so he could see his fans clearly.

He even introduced himself in Mandarin and continued speaking the language over the course of the fan meet, impressing all his fans.

Kim Ki Bum showed a lot of fan service to the fans such as shaking hands and giving hugs! Winners from the various games got to take home personal belongings of Ki Bum as their prize.


The actor performed 3 magic tricks to the fans, confessing that he doesn’t really have the interest for magic but he had learnt for 2 days because he wanted to show it to the fans.

Through a Q&A session, Kim Ki Bum talked about his future and he said he wants to get married at either 33 or 35 years old. He also hopes to live with his wife only, without any children. Ki Bum confessed that he likes to drink, thus hopes to open a restaurant or store that allows drinking!

The fan meeting was filled with laughter and joy as Kim Ki Bum showed his true self to the fans. Before ending the fan meeting with his encore song “Love..Goodbye”, one of the OSTs from his drama ‘I Love Lee Taeri’, Kim Ki Bum said, “I’m really nervous today even though I’ve held 2 fan meetings in other countries prior to this one. I wish I had more time with you guys and I will remember the memories from today!

Kim Ki Bum also held a photo-taking + handshake session with the VVIP ticket holders after the fan meeting.

KAvenyou would like to thank Fast Track Events for the invite to Kim Ki Bum Memory of Love Fan Meeting in Singapore.

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Article by: Xiaosi & Shawna @
Photography by: Xiaosi & Shawna @

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