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A-Cube Entertainment’s APINK, Huh Gak and Mario sends Chuseok greetings

A-Cube Entertainment’s APINK, Huh Gak and Mario sends Chuseok greetings

| On 30, Sep 2012

A-Cube Entertainment singers A Pink, Heogak, and Mario recently send Chuseok greetings.

To begin with, A Pink’s Chorong said, “Let’s take a brief break from our busy life and have abundant Chuseok holidays with your loving family. I want to make a wish looking at a big, full moon that A Pink and all of our families would have a healthier, happier life.”

With a cute charm, Bomi continued, “It’s already Chuseok. Starting with this Chuseok, I want to spend all the other holidays with my fans. I wish all of my family, members, and lovely fans stay healthy. Fighting to us all!”

Member Eunji, who received tremendous love for her appearance in tvN’s series Answer to 1997, said, “I hope you all have happy Chuseok holidays with your family and always stay happy. Also, I hope you will stay healthy and accomplish everything you planned to do for the rest of the year 2012. A-Cube, Cube, my family, and Pinksoonies please don’t get sick, stay healthy, and love each other!”

Naeun said, “It’s Chuseok. Everyone have abundant holidays just like full moon. Have fun holidays with your family eating delicious food. Dear Full Moon, let our families, group members, and everyone stay healthy and happy. Also, let A Pink improve and stay together forever.”

Yookyung said, “I hope you guys have fun, happy Chuseok eating delicious food with your family. A Pink will keep you entertained by appearing on various variety programs. Please look forward to it and keep supporting A Pink with your love.”

Namjoo said, “Have a happy Chuseok and always stay healthy and happy. I love you Panders.” Hayoung said, “I wish you’ll all have harmonious, happy Chuseok with your family. Don’t get sick and stay healthy and happy. I wish our members won’t get sick and spend happy holidays. We ask for your love for A Pink.”

In addition, Mario greeted, “Lately there’ve been many frustrating news that made you frown, but let those worries kept in your pocket and have fun and good food with your family. Just like the saying goes, ‘Let everything be like Hagawi,’ I hope things will stay happy and cheerful even after Chuseok.”

Lastly, Heo Gak said, “Although it’s short, have fun, interesting, cheerful Chuseok holidays with your family and relatives. Have a heartwarming Hangawi. Have abundant holiday!”

Source: TV Report


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