[Paparazzi Corner] 5 K-pop Idols That Are Bigger Fangirls Than You

The countless albums you bought during comeback, the free posters that come with it, official lightsticks, unofficial banners, fan towels, the list goes on for the merchandise owned fervent fans of any K-pop group.  You occasionally take them out to dust them off and then smile at one memory or more that reminded you of when you held onto that item like it was your life, waving it to your favourite song or remembering how your bank almost hit ‘zero’ after you paid for it.

Otherwise, they remain untouched and serves as a physical reminder of happier times. These items sit in your rooms like proud trophies that represent the effort put into supporting your favourite groups.

While we support our favourite groups with all our might, there are K-pop idols out there who are big fans of other artists, suggesting that they could be us too. With all due credit  given to you for being the biggest fan you think you can be, the following K-pop idols, might very well be bigger fans than you!

1.Super Junior’s Ryeowook and S.E.S’ Bada

Ryeowook of Super Junior is known to be a huge fan of Bada from now defunct K-pop girl group, S.E.S. He has said in many shows that he grew up listening to her songs and he has even dressed up as his favourite idol at a cross-dressing stage at one of Super Junior’s concerts! The two have met on many other occasions to bless audiences with their beautiful voices.  He has also recently released a song named ‘Cosmic’ with Bada through SM Station. Talk about being a successful fan!

2. I.O.I’s Yoojung and BTS

When asked what their favourite boy group is, I.O.I would answer in unison, “BTS!”. However, amongst them, Yoojung stands out as the most hardcore ARMY. She has been seen singing and dancing along whenever BTS performs as music shows and she often pulls her other members to dance with her too. Yoojung is probably known best for her 99% accuracy when it comes to replicating BTS’ choreography and in other fan-recorded videos, she seems to have caught the attention of BTS themselves too! Hard work does get you somewhere!

3. INFINITE’s Sungyeol and Girl Generation’s Taeyeon

In an episode of High Society, he brazenly admits that his love for Taeyeon extends way beyond his pre-debut days. Unlike other K-pop idols that might appear shy sometimes when they talk about being fans of other idols, Sungyeol’s eyes light up and he doesn’t hesitate to go on about how good Taeyeon is. The answer is no, Sungyeol, you don’t have to maintain your composure.

4. BTS and Big Bang

It was a struggle picking out an appropriate video because there were simply too many. BTS is known for being so much in love with Big Bang that they practically mention them anywhere appropriate and whenever they have the chance to. They’re known to have done parodies/covers of Taeyang’s ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ and ‘Ringa Linga’ on their own video series ‘Bangtan Bomb’ and members V and Jungkook did a karaoke room cover of Big Bang’s ‘If You’ and ‘Bang Bang Bang’.

5. Haru and G-Dragon

Although Haru isn’t a K-pop idol, she has accumulated a large following of fans after her appearance with Epik High’s Tablo on the reality show, ‘The Return of Superman’. Tablo who recognised her daughter’s love for his labelmate has brought her to meet him backstage at a concert but during their first meeting, she was so shy she couldn’t even look up! On their second meeting however, she mustered enough courage to hold a proper conversation with him and she even earned a kiss on her cheek.

Though there are many other idols of notable mention, these idols really stand out as huge fangirls/fanboys. Time to work harder to support your favourite idols! Hard work does get you somewhere someday.

Article by: Cass @ KAvenyou

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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