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3rd Wave with BRIAN JOO & ALEXANDER LEE, Ignites Love With A Charity Concert in Malaysia

3rd Wave with BRIAN JOO & ALEXANDER LEE, Ignites Love With A Charity Concert in Malaysia

Grace Community Services presents the ‘Ignite Love K-pop Charity Concert’ featuring the popular K-Pop group, 3rd Wave. To be held on 1st December, 2012 at Plaza Mayang, Petaling Jaya, Ignite Love is the first charity event in Malaysia which collaborates with K-Pop artistes from South Korea for a charitable cause. The concert is in aid of Birthright, a social work established by Grace Community Services to provide crucial help to pregnant teens and young, unwed mothers who have no other means of support.

Besides raising funds, the aim of the Ignite Love concert is to draw attention to the plight of young, unwed mothers, many of who have been known to resort to desperate measures like baby dumping and indiscriminate abortions, without timely intervention.

With the wide popularity of K-pop music in Malaysia and the issue of teen pregnancy being a foremost problem amongst today’s youths, this concert collaboration between 3rd Wave and Grace Community Services is a fitting platform to create greater awareness of the dire consequences resulting from this social malaise.

Officially registered under the Akta Pusat Jagaan 1993 as Pusat Jagaan Birthright (No: 001571), Birthright provides temporary shelter, medical aid, legal advice and counselling services to pregnant, unwed women in a caring and loving environment. With the belief that it is the right of every pregnant woman to give birth and the right for every child to be born, Birthright works closely with the Welfare Department to find suitable adoptive parents if the mother is unable to keep her child. To date, Birthright has successfully aided more than 160 unwed mothers, between the ages of 15-25 from various races and religious background.

In recent years, Korean Pop or K-Pop has become a musical phenomenon, fast gaining popularity in many parts of the world, including the USA. Founded by singer-songwriter, Johnny Lee, and also featuring K-Pop artistes, Brian Joo and Alexander Lee, 3rd Wave is riding on the crest of this phenomenon but with a distinct difference. 3rd Wave strives to go beyond the mere popular appeal of K-pop to use music as a platform to bring a positive influence to today’s youths. The group is powered by the desire to reach out across continents, ethnic boundaries and languages through music that carries a message of hope to this generation. The band has been making waves beyond South Korea, having performed in various other countries namely Taiwan, Japan and Thailand.

Catch 3rd Wave live at the Ignite Love K-pop Charity Concert on 1st December, 2012 at Grace Convention Centre, Mayang Plaza, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. There will be two sessions that day – the first concert will be at 4pm and the second, at 8pm. For more information please call PD Beanz Entertainment ( 03-62062388 / +6012-3254865 or email to

“点燃”爱慈善迷你演唱会是马来西亚史上第一次与韩流明星一起进行的慈善活动。“点燃爱”慈善迷你演唱会是由 Grace Community Services 非盈利机构呈现以及 PD Beanz 娱乐主办的,而这次活动的目的是利用韩流的影响力去点燃年青人对社会的关注。

举办“点燃爱”慈善迷你演唱会的主要目的是为了让大家对于 Birthrights 的醒觉活动。是让大家知道,女性是有权力生育而婴儿有出生以及生存的权利。

在 1993 年 Grace Community Services 成立 Birthrights 保护中心 。这一个中心成立的目的是为了保护以及帮助那些未成年,未婚的妈妈和一些被遗弃的婴儿。 Birthrgights 保护中心是提供一些法律,心理引导或是医学上的帮助。而这个中心从以前至今已经成功帮助了超过 60 位年龄介于 15 -25 岁的未婚妈妈们同时也帮助了那些被遗弃的婴儿。

由于 发觉了韩流对现今社会的年轻人们的产生了很大的影响, 所以这一次 Grace Community Services 特别邀请了 3rd Wave 带领了两位韩流明星 Alexander LeeBrian Joo 到来一起进行这个有意义的活动。3rd Wave 是一个来自南韩的非盈利组织。3rd Wave 目前是在非洲进行这他们的慈善活动。

每个女性都有权利生育小孩和每个怀胎的婴儿都有权利被生出来。 主办单位希望可以和 3rd Wave 的韩流明星们一起唤起大家的爱以及点燃大家对社会的爱以便创造一个和谐以及充满爱的国家。

“点燃爱”韩流慈善迷你演唱会将会于 12 月 1 日在 Mayang Plaza 以爱进行。当天将以两个时段下午 2 点以及晚上 8 点进行 。 预知详情请询问请联络 PD Beanz Entertainment ( 03-62062388 / +6012-3254865 或 email to .

Source: PD Beans via KAvenyou

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