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2AM The Way of Love in Malaysia Press Conference

2AM The Way of Love in Malaysia Press Conference

Prior to the concert of 2AM’s The Way of Love Tour, we have attended the press conference of the concert held a day earlier. Although only 3 members were present at the time (Seulong was still in Korea for his personal activities), they were lively and enthusiastic nonetheless.

MC: Why is Malaysia chosen as one of your stops for the tour?
CM: As this is our second time here in Malaysia, we’ve loved it the first time and are very excited to come back for the second time.

MC: Has 2AM prepared any surprises for the fans?
CM: It’s a secret. You will have to come for the concert tomorrow to see it.

MC: What is your favourite 2AM song and why?
JW: ‘This Song’ from their first debut album because it was the first song we sang together as a group.
JK: ‘Can’t Let You Go’. Because Asia fans love this song and it was the song that got them famous.
CM: ‘You Wouldn’t Answer My Call’.

MC: Are there any local food you would like to try?
JW: Mee Goreng. It’s very famous in Korea. However, Malaysia’s version has a different taste. So I would like to try it out.
JK: We didn’t get to eat anything during the first visit as we were in the hotel most of time. But I would like to try out the tropical fruits.
CM: I would like to try tropical fruits too besides durian! We’ve tried durian before, it smells disgusting but taste really good. I’m sorry (laughs).

MC: Name one goal you would like to achieve in the year 2013 (as 2AM and as individuals).
JK: I would like to work on 2AM’s new album as well as a new solo single to present it to fans.
CM: I would like to meet some old 2AM fans in requested countries.

MC: Can you tell us about the concept of your new album?
CM: This is also a secret! (laughs)

MC: Any memorable activity you have done so far?
JW: I was featured in a drama. So it was something different that was being offered to me besides singing.
JK: I had my solo activity. I was really focused on my own singing which was different as to singing with other members.
CM: I did a musical in Korea. And I’m interested to work with the members for the upcoming concert.

MC: Your fondest memory with 2AM since debut?
CM: Coming to Malaysia.
JW: *thumbs up*

MC: What is the last song that you have downloaded to your iPod/iPhone?
JW: I’ve downloaded a Malay song to practice so that I can present it to the fans tomorrow.
JK: I have all of 2AM’s new songs from our next album in my phone. I’ve been practicing it for future voice recordings.
CM: I have songs that I have made. So that I can publish it to the fans someday on what I’ve been working on.

MC: Your ideal type?
JW: Korean actress, Lee Min Jung. She has a very cute face which I like.
JK: I like older woman that is cute, and also someone that I can rely on.
CM: I prefer cute over sexy girls. I like someone kind and decent.

MC: Any last words you for your Malaysian fans?
JW: We’ve prepared a lot of songs. I hope the fans enjoy the concert tomorrow and we can make good memories in Malaysia.
JK: As this is the fourth and final stop for the tour, we will try to do our best. We are all passionate and we have prepared a lot for this concert.  I hope that the fans will enjoy tomorrow’s concert.
CM: We are so glad to get to see you guys again. We have worked hard and prepared a lot of songs to show you guys tomorrow!

Overall, Changmin was the member who spoke the most. He even answered some of the questions in English, showing his fluency with languages. The boys were warm and friendly and we look forward to seeing all four of them at the concert tomorrow.

Shortly after the press conference, 2AM went down to local mall to meet their fans up-close for a high five session!

We would like to thank Mega Ultimate for the opportunity to cover 2AM’s The Way of Love in Malaysia.

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2AM The Way of Love in Malaysia 2012 Press Con

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Article by: Zoey @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Wenyi @ KAvenyou


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