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2012 MAMA to showcase another phenomenal performance with PSY’s collaboration with special guests?

2012 MAMA to showcase another phenomenal performance with PSY’s collaboration with special guests?

| On 26, Nov 2012

Generating hot issues every year, MAMA’s performances have been the spotlight all over the world.
Music fans’ expectation for the Asia’s largest music festival has gone up already! 

(26 Nov, 2012, Korea) Acknowledged by its exceptional and dazzling performances, 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards (hereinafter MAMA) is just around the corner (November 30, 2012). 2012 MAMA is expected to present another phenomenal stage capturing eyes and ears of music fans all around the world.

Particularly, 2012 MAMA, which will take place on November 30 in Hong Kong, has caused a great sensation when world’s top artists including Adam Lambert, B.o.B, PSY, Super Junior, Big Bang, and SISTAR had confirmed their appearance at the festival.

Han Dong-chul, the General Director of 2012 MAMA said, “It is expected to be the best performance in history regarding both its creativity and technology this year.”

Speaking of PSY’s recent performances at the Europe Music Awards (EMA) and the American Music Awards (AMA), Mr. Han said, “We believe that PSY will be able to connect more and present an even better stage with the full support from our Korean production teams. We will make a performance that shows off his charms better than those at EMA and AMA.” He also revealed that PSY will perform in “a special collaboration with surprise guests.”

Such confidence of Mnet Producers sounds credible while looking back memorable moments of MAMA in the past. Here are the most memorable scenes of MAMA, which were shared by global music fans looking forward to seeing another great performance at 2012 MAMA.

Kiss Performances
Big Bang &Lee Hyori (2008), Hyun A & Hyun Seung (2011)

2008 MAMA_Lee Hyori & TOP

Controversial ‘Kiss Performance’ can only been seen at MAMA as a special stage. Big Bang’s T.O.P. and Lee Hyori were the first to surprise fans with a kiss performance at the ‘2008 MKMF(Mnet KM Music Festival, now MAMA).’

2011 MAMA_Hyun A & Hyun Seung

In 2011 MAMA in Singapore, 4minute’s Hyun A and BEAST’s Hyun Seung shock audience with a kiss during their debut performance for ‘Trouble Maker’. Both performances were recognized as a legendary moment for music fans around the world.

Super Junior at 2011 MAMA

2011 MAMA_Super Junior

Super Junior’s performance at 2011 MAMA is considered as one of the most prominent scenes. As soon as their title ‘SORRY, SORRY’ flew out of speakers, the atmosphere was instantly heated up. Fans had a ‘goose bump’ moment when Super Junior and hundreds of dancers with black suits performed ‘SORRY, SORRY’ in groups. Other participants also enjoyed the show heating up the stage.

World Stars’ Collaborations at 2011 MAMA
will.i.am & apl.de.ap & CL

2011 MAMA_will.i.am & apl.de.ap & CL

Distinctive performances by world-class artists could only be witnessed at MAMA. Regardless of nationality, famous musicians overseas come together and collaborate with each other, giving fans the most joyful moment. The most remarkable performances include a stage with 2NE1 CL’s,will.i.am from Black Eyed Peas and aple.de.ap at 2011 MAMA. Three artists showcased ‘Where is the Love’ together to prove “Music Makes One”, the main theme of MAMA.

 Showcasing Big Bang Unit at 2010 MAMA
‘GD & TOP’

2010 MAMA_GD&TOP& Tae Yang

GD & Top from Big Bang showcased their first performance as the unit group at 2010 MAMA. Reminding of film noir in the 1950s, T.O.P and GD joined Tae Yang on stage and pulled a gun each other as a performance, which was applauded for their brilliant storyline.

2012 MAMA will be held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) on November 30, 2012 (Friday).

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